"The sanitization of the clothing item is a plus for the customer and because of it, the Customers should experience it and feel it for themselves."

O3 Boutique Cabinet is an ozone sanitizing cabinet, specifically meant for boutiques and showrooms, that rapidly disinfects clothes that customers try on. Developed with specific design and exclusive finishing in order to elegantly blend in with the style of the sales outlets. The treatment of the clothing item can happen in the presence of the customer, this ensure the safety and allows the customers to feel it for themselves, therefore providing a differentiating experience given from this live exclusive service.

In boutique, showroom or atelier

The cabinet works for clothing of any fabric or material and the cabinet’s set up and sizes are modular. The treatment lasts for around five minutes and in the right circumstances it can be done in the presence of the customer, while, for example, offering them a drink in a welcoming and exclusive atmosphere.

Exclusive materials

O3 Boutique Cabinet is the perfect combination of elegance made of exclusive materials and Italian expertise and craftsmanship. O3 Boutique Cabinet is entirely made of wood and it is available in three different finishing. The finishing ranges from Oak wood to the lacquered with the most captivating hues of color palette or other finer woods such as Noce Canaletto, Zebrano or Sucupira. Further personalization is given by the choice of materials and finishing for the closet doors, front and side panels; the options comprise three types of mirrors “extra clear, bronzed or antique”, a palette of fabrics, a palette of genuine naturally treated leather or, for a very exclusive vision of luxury, Stingray skin, also known as Galuchat or Shagreen, in six rich and glamorous colors. The interior are all covered in suede.

Ecological and Safe

The cabinet takes advantage of the ozone oxidizing power and it is recognised from the Italian Ministry of Health as natural sanitizing agent against bacteria, viruses and pests; it doesn’t stain, it doesn’t compromise the more delicate fabrics such as cashmere and silk and it is totally natural and ecological.

Modular to satisfy any necessity

It can be realized  in different sizes and with different internal set-up, such as standard wardrobe or accessorized with shoe, hat and glove racks.

About Us

We are a partnership between the Design and Architecture Studio ARKHÉmilano and Marco Sinisi, Co-Founder of the environmental service company Dimensione Ozono, expert in sanitization. From Milan, present in the market for long, with a drive for things to be done well, we partnered because we want to render the fitting experience a moment in which the customer feels taken care of and reassured; all of this while maintaining the store’s identity and image.