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About us

“Our extensive experience and passion for architecture drive us to create unique and distinctive solutions for any project requirements. Our comprehensive and efficient project management services ensure that budgets and timescales are always respected in accordance with the client’s needs.”

ARKHÉmilano was founded in 2015 as a result of professional collaboration between Federico Fossati and Valentina Cuccurullo. ARKHÉmilano develops and manages projects for exclusive private residences, retail facilities, motor yachts and hospitality structures.

In 2019 a new partnership with Sebastiano Tosi, specialized in product and interior design, started adding new skills to the Studio.

“We believe classic architecture forms the foundation of any project on which we work, whether it is contemporary or traditional in terms of style. The client brief stimulates our creativity, and challenging requests allow us to develop truly bespoke solutions. Our way of working has a sartorial feel to it, focusing on attention to detail, quality materials and innovation. We work with the most outstanding artisans and suppliers, based on long-term relationships to always guarantee remarkable results of the highest quality.”